We are currently looking for Candidates for our Team of Professionals for our 2017/2018 Projects.

*Highly Experienced and Professional Natural Gas Mechanics/Technicians

Intermediate Mechanics/Technicians

I&E Professionals

Coatings and Corrosion Specialists in a Shop Environment

Beginner Level Laborors with Potential in all of the above

*Compressor Installation and Commissioning Techs.


*I&E Techs with Extensive Experience with Natural Gas Compressor Package Control and Panels.


*Operations Support and Training Specialist. (Compressor Station and Gas Plant Operations)


*Safety Techs and Consultants Familiar with Production, Construction, Pipeline and Drilling Safety Projects. Also Major Turn-Around Experience is a plus.

*Engineering, Design and Job Estimating Professionals


E-mail Leonard.Miller@ridgewaterservices.com

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