Work Directly with Project Management and Engineering to Support the Construction and Commissioning of each Compressor Station or Gas Plant.


Support and Train "Client's Operations Personnel" during each Facility Build.


Supervise and Verify Complete Facility and Production Equipment Purge, Pressure Testing and Commissioning.


Supervise and Verify Complete Compressor Package Installation and Commissioning.


Support and Train "Client's Operations Personnel" in the Safe Operation and Maintenance of their Stations Production Equipment and Facilities.


Support and Train "Client's Operations Personnel" in the Standard Maintenance Procedures for all Compression Equipment.


Supervise and Coordinate Roustabout and/or Maintenance Crews for any Station or Facility Maintenance.


Provide Contract Labor for Day to Day Operations and Maintenance Support, along with Train and Pre-Screen Candidates for Potential Direct Hire by the Client.


Manage all Compressor PM's and Major Maintenance as per Client Requirements.


Manage all Production Equipment and Dehydration Unit PM's and Maintenance as per Client's Requirements.


Maintain an "On-Call" Status 24/7 for Emergency Support and/or Maintenance Issues.


Scheduled Relief Duties and Support for Client's "Senior Operations Managers and Supervisors".

Operations Support and Training Specialists: