Marcellus/Utica  Operations

Our Marcellus and Utica Operations are growing.


We're continuing to build our "Satisfied Customer Base" providing several Professional Services in the Area.


Compressor Station Operations and Maintainence is one of our Core Areas.  We have many years of Real Experience

Designing, Building, Operating and Maintaining any type of Natural Gas Compressor Station.


When you involve Ridgewater Services in your Compressor Station Projects, our years of Experience in Gas Compressor Installation and Commissioning is another one of the many benefits you get.


Our "Professional Safety Consultant's" are helping so many workers go home Safe and Sound on a daily basis.


Our Construction Group Continues to get your projects completed on time and within Budget.


Getting it right the first time is what our Clients expect.

But the Ridgewater Services goal is to get it right everytime we get involved in a New Project.

Colorado Projects

Complete Operations and Construction Management. From Site Prep and Design, to the Construction of all Process Applications. 


Proper Planning and Design is Key to the Success of your Project.

Gulf of Mexico

Broken Weld on Horizontal Caisson Support

Support was Previously Welded Directly to Caisson.

New Clamp Designed and Re-Welded to Support Piping to allow for Vertical Movement and Stress Relief

Heliport Panel Repairs

Hurricanes took the Panels off.

Ridgewater Services assures that Replacement Panels are to your exact specs.

Sump Tank Hanging after Hurricane Ike

Previous Design didn't have any Angle Supports to prevent Horizontal Movement.

After Safely gaining control of this unit, repairs were performed and proper Angle Supports Systems installed.

Missing Walkway/Bridge​

High Seas Removed this Bridge during Hurricane Ike.

Bridge Rebuilt as per Original Spec's and Installed.

Hurricane Damage to Grating and Handrails

Waves and Wind Damaged Grating, Handrails and Removed Well Control Panel.

As Good as New

Well Control Panel Missing

Waves took the Well Control Panel from the Platform.

Had a New Well Control Panel Designed and Installed at a Higher/Remote Location to prevent losing it again.